Tower System - 2,000TB - 100Kg Weight - 500 Watts *

(* not including GPU and/or FPGA)

In development ... we have working proof-of-concept on the benchtop but are currently seeking funding to miniaturize the circuitry for commercialization

Imagine Enterprise level computing, nearly silent in your office environment.     PetaBytes and PetaBytes of failure tolerant storage, at at fraction of the volume, weight and power requirements of traditional HPC (High Performance rack mounted Computing).

This is patent-pending break-through technology, and like our ground-breaking T100 which shattered the conception of the limits of desk-top computing, is built using the latest expensive but off-the-shelf components from brand-name manufactures such as Intel, Seagate and nVidia.

We shake off the concept of the telecommunications relay rack invented for supporting Morse Code before 1910, but is still by default used by every HPC vendor today.     We also shake off the layers of cabinetry, the layers of chassis, the layers of drawers and slides and cables and fans and shake off everything else that is not absolutely contributing to the core of the functionality.

What we are left with is just what you need: affordable and greatly scalable disk storage, XEON enterprise-class CPU with optional GPU or FPGA accelerated computing, clustered with the fastest available dual 40 (standard), 50, 56 or 100 Gigabit networking.     All this at no CapEX, at Cloud Storage prices but with the security of in-house installation with the computing "thrown in" for free (GPU & FPGA extra cost & energy usage).

Our tower is typically 1/4 the volume, 1/5 the weight, and 1/10 the power consumption of a typical HPC (high performance computing) setup. PetaBytes can be placed in an upstairs office, where the great weight of HPC makes its installation impossible.

Combined with Intel's very latest energy-efficient TriGate 14nm embedded-enterprise server technology, using matching energy efficient 1.2V DDR4 2400Mhz ECC memory, and nVidia's 12nm FFN technology customized by TSMC just for nVidia produces staggering GPU densities.     With our optimized software giving hardware assisted acceleration to your computationally complex genomic calculations, the new nVidia Volta SM is 50% more energy efficient than the previous generation Pascal design, enabling major boosts in FP32 and FP64 performance in the same power envelope, not to mention dual 40 Gbit ethernet connectivity and low-latency switches for parallel cluster processing.

You're not dreaming ... already prototyped on the bench, this innovation will be soon in production (pending development funding).     By eliminating the thousands of pounds of expensively manufactured but unneccessary "sheet metal infrastructure", and distilling the system down to the bare essentials, the cost comes back under control and you can store PetaBytes in a closet.     Really.

Call us and under NDA we'd love to tell you about it.     If instead you are an investor, let us explain how solving the impending genomics data storage problem for the medical community represents a compelling, recurring revenue investment opportunity.

Leased PetaByte Computing, Secure at Your Facility

Currently seeking Equity Funding for Next Stage Hardware development