Baseport development to this stage has been self-funded.       Please also see FAQ and Tower pages.

The bottom line is, as an investor you want to see two things: $1B+ target market, and exponential growth to get there.     You've come to the right place.

Our main focus is to create IT hardware which support the exponentially growing genomics data storage and processing needs of the research and medical community.     The market for genomics data storage may eclipse all other markets for data storage combined annually by 2020, which explains our software focus on supporting that sector.     However, the hardware is applicable to any organization needing several to hundreds of Petabytes of inexpensive archival data storage and processing, without incurring the "warehouse" overhead typically needed in a rack-based infrastructure.

Nobody is predicting your data growth is suddenly going to stop. Nobody is predicting that your current computing is sufficient for your future needs.     Due to the upcoming scale of this impending tsunami, this capacity must be provided efficiently.

While commercial IT hardware is available everywhere and from many vendors, the Tower is unique in its packaging, putting a priority on miniaturization, energy efficiency, weight efficiency, and state-of-the-art high performance computing.     Our tower is typically 1/4 the volume, 1/5 the weight, and 1/10 the power consumption of a typical HPC (high performance computing) setup.

While the IT hardware is compelling in its features for office installation of bulk data storage, as well as certain processing tasks such as analytics, deep-learning, seismic and scientific computation, it is our unique revenue model that should attract your attention.     For a remarkably modest investment you can become part of our team at this early stage.     Please contact us at +41 795 62 4603, and under NDA we can chat.