1. What is BasePort’s mission?

BasePort's mission is to provide the best, most secure Data Storage services to our clients by installing into your facility. The significant parallel clustered compute with 40Gigabit networking capability is a no-charge side benefit.

2. How does BasePort work?

BasePort is developing a novel, compact system particularly applicable to small sub-petabyte and medium petabyte-sized clinics with limited infrastructure and IT staff, but is nonetheless scalable to accommodate the storage and processing needs of the largest institutions (both academic and clinical).

3. What major benefits does BasePort offer?

Our solution is to offer an OpEx (Operational Expense) solution, based on continually growing monthly storage requirements. These monthly costs can be passed on to payer billings, at a markup determined by your organization. This turns the major CapEx liability into a monthly revenue stream at a cost less than cloud storage, with the security benefits of in-house storage.

4. How does Leased in-house data storage & compute eliminate our overhead costs?

In addition to making an actual profit by charging a markup of the storage costs to the payer, as a limited time offer with 5+ PetaByte installations we will refund the electricity consumed by our uniquely power efficient storage / compute system after each complete year of lease !