BasePort Research Laboratories T100 (100TB raw)

The advent of Precision Medicine presents a unique challenge for the secure, redundant and long term storage of human genome sequence data. BasePort is developing novel storage and analysis solutions specifically for the unique requirements of storing and processing genomic data.
Using a combination of COTS (commodity-off-the-shelf) Seagate disk drives, open source software, and custom chassis design, we provide solutions which meet the above stringent requirements. The industry standard 3.5in disk from factor is easily interchangeable and upgradeable over time due to the front access hot swap disk storage bays.
The custom designed chassis provides additional benefits such as minimal size, minimal noise and power consumption, enhancing the desirability over standard rack-mounted computer equipment in your office environment, thus conveniently enabling its installation into small to large clinical centers.
The server CPU capacity required to support the intensive, but infrequent, data storage retrieval computations, is available across the cluster system to provide parallel computational capacity when processing genomic data.
Using industry standard Open Source Software (OS and applications); there is no proprietary software to lock you in. The use of optimized proprietary compression routines is optional, but as you can decompress them back to original, there is still no lock-in.
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